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  • Speaker Coach

    be your best self
    speak in your own voice
    say what is most important for you to share
    do it with poise, grace, and power

  • Communication Coach

    personal presence
    challenging conversations

  • Bespoken

    Mary writes
    Kate coaches
    You shine

  • Speaker Coach

    CRAFT a talk that has a clear message, arc, and voice

  • Speaker Coach

    PREPARE to be fully present and fully yourself

  • Speaker Coach

    DELIVER a talk that is fresh, immediate, and captivating

  • Bespoken

    vows, toasts, and speeches for special occasions

Speaker Coach

Personalized, professional coaching for your next big speech. You can give crisp, powerful, and riveting presentations!

Communication Coach

Communication Coaching helps you CONNECT and INFLUENCE with AUTHENTICITY.


Bespoken offers tailor-made speeches and speech coaching for all of life’s occasions, from weddings to memorials, and everything in-between.