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Rachel Bagby at Charlottesville TEDx      Photo: Dan Grogan


As a Speaker Coach, Kate taps into each individual’s unique presence and personal style, and provide exercises and feedback that markedly improve your next presentation.

Coaching Includes:

  • Guidance on finding the core theme and language in your presentation
  • Preparation for both stage and on-camera presentations, speeches, and interviews
  • Rehearsals to alleviate “stage fright” and anxiety
  • Use of personal and professional stories in presentations
  • One-on-one coaching and feedback
  • Follow-up to reflect on the process and performance, provide feedback, strengthen skills

We work in three stages to make sure you are prepared and confident:

  • CRAFT a talk that has a clear message, arc, and voice
  • PREPARE the speaker to be fully present and fully themselves
  • DELIVER a talk that is fresh, immediate, and captivating

“As someone with a lifelong fear of public speaking, I had tried all sorts of tricks and strategies to overcome my anxieties.  Kate opened her arms to me and guided me through a solid framework of approach, rooted in her theatrical background. She broke down the preparation and parts of a speech that made it more palatable and less scary!  She gave me the space and opportunity to test, fumble with and improve my skills. Ultimately, she provided frank feedback with a gentleness and kindness that allowed me to grow beyond my fears. Her tools and tricks have stayed with me and I’ve gained more confidence with each new opportunity to speak knowing that she is in the background cheering me on!  Kate is the kind of person you meet, and immediately you want to be her friend. I’ve been honored to get to know her and work with her.” Nikki Hastings, PhD, Executive Director Cville Bio Hub

“Kate saw right through my ‘professional speaker’ self and worked with me to bring my personal self more confidently to the stage. She helped me see the benefits of leaving my slides and props behind, and empowered me to just tell my story as if it mattered to me, which of course it does. Colleagues have remarked on how impressed they were to see me talking more or less extemporaneously in front of such a large audience, but the truth is, I actually enjoyed myself immensely. In the end, it felt much less like work than giving talks usually does. I have Kate to thank for that.” – Dr. James Coan, Associate Professor, UVA School of Psychology and creator of Circle of Willis Podcast

“Kate’s mastery as a speaking coach is rooted in her golden ears, generous, intelligent heart and actor’s ethic of rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. I work out with Kate in order to clarify–then confidently ditch–my keynote scripts and improvise my storysinging in a way that ignites audiences’ creativity.”  – Rachel Bagby, Keynote Speaker and Women’s Leadership Muse

“I backed up a dump truck of expertise, statistics, metaphors and experience — and rather than cherry-picking vignettes, Kate methodically, compassionately, and decisively dove into the pile and helped me find my voice, my passion, and the talk I needed to give. After more than 20 years of standing on stages in front of audiences and delivering talks, Kate helped me greet and connect with 1200 people individually in a whole new way.  For me, Kate was a magical mix of audience, director, coach, and guide.  My work with her has been inspiring and transformative.” Dawn Averitt, Founder and Emeritus Board Member of The Well Project.

“Working with Kate was a tremendous experience, both professionally and personally.  Her spot-on advice, enthusiasm, and encouragement helped me get from a place of insecurity to one of confidence and enjoyment.” – Laura Mulligan Thomas, Award-winning conductor, Charlottesville High School