Redbud Gifts Has Launched! In Style!


Last night marked the grand opening of Redbud Gifts, a gift registry and online store for all things gorgeous and local.

The launch party was pure Kate, a whirl of art, energy, community, and fun.  As I schlepped in from the gray night, it was like walking into technicolor Oz.  Friends and fans mingled with Redbud vendors — chefs, artists, filmmakers, and more — the adults nibbling on sweets while the kids darted in and out like frosting-smeared Munchkins.

Confectionary magic filled the room, from the storybook setting of Sweethaus (a dollhouse dream of a candy shop) to the sparkling miniature cupcakes and cookies (sugar-jeweled bites of bliss), to the host herself, presiding over the crowd like an ultra-modern Glinda the Good Witch (in a Redbud t-shirt) telling us that yes, there’s no place like home, especially when home is Charlottesville, VA.  That, Kate explained, is why she started Redbud Gifts — to support the great local artists and businesses that make Charlottesville so special.
A fabulous, whimsical event — and a preview of the fun to come with Redbud Gifts! Special thanks to Redbud vendors Cat Thrasher (Cat Thrasher Photography) and Tara Flanagan Koening (Sweethaus) for hosting (and for Tara’s lovely cupcakes), and to Kelly Trout of One Creative Cookie for the delicous cookies and amazing Redbud Cookie Display! Photographs on this page by Cat Thrasher Photography, except the red couch.
– Mary

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