Fresh Organic Donuts – Carpe Donut!

Most of us have seen the bright red Carpe Donut cart at local festivals  and the Pavilion, but Carpe Donut now has an non-mobile, stable, and permanent spot to satisfy your cravings, too.Poke your head into the small storefront just behind Cville Coffee, and your senses will be filled with the smells of fresh donuts baking and coffee brewing.  You’ll also be greeted by the bright, warm smiles of the owner-operators.
Until last November, every donut was made by the hand of the company’s owner, Matt Rohdie.  From mixing the dough to dipping the finished product in cinnamon sugar, Matt made each one.  In November, with demand exceeding the cart’s ability (you might have seen him working away in their driveway in all seasons), Matt and his wife, Jennifer Downey, brought on other partners.  Now the five of them (Jen’s sister Nell, her brother Jim, and Heather Hopkins) will help meet the demand.Why-oh-why did Matt and Jen begin with donuts?  They wanted to make something that was wholesome in all ways—delicious, reminiscent of their own childhoods, but made with ingredients that they would be happy to feed their own children.Matt says that the easiest and most tempting way to save money is to scrimp on the ingredients.  Organic sugar is five times more costly than regular sugar.  Instead, Matt spends hours each month soaking and laboriously scraping the “varnish” off of his machinery because he uses unhydrogenated soybean oil instead of shortening to bake the donuts.

Drop by for a morning donut, organic juice, and locally roasted coffee.  And soon to come:  breakfast sandwiches!

Carpe Donut, behind Cville Coffee on the right
171 Allied Lane
Open 8:00 AM to 12 noon
Cart available for events, weddings, and festivals by request

– Val and Kate

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