Loopy Dolls, Yoga Blocks , Sculpture, and Other Beautiful Objects

Miriam Tobias and her husband, Jason Roberson, live in a family compound surrounded by chickens, a fish pond and large wooden sculptures made by Jason.  A totem pole lies on its side, still in process.

The compound marks the last section of a property now covered by a housing
development.  It remains, a last vestige of a once tangled and poetic country homestead just outside of town.Miriam’s parents moved to this property in the mid-nineties, bringing their toy company, Copernicus Toys, with them.  The company is now managed by Miriam’s brother and his wife, while Miriam and her husband create every sort of hand-made object.
Miriam creates her Loopy Dolls and finger puppets out of sweaters and clothing she finds at thrift shops.  The iconic faces she fashions give them their distinctive look. She also makes adorable sturdy wings for kids that seem strong enough to lift them from the earth.
 Using scraps from the large sculptures he hews out of tree trunks, Jason creates subtle and elegant yoga blocks.  Some open up to carry a yoga belt.  All are made of reclaimed local wood and are lovely to hold.  The same can be said of his children’s Inca Blocks, which were inspired by the couple’s recent trip to Peru.  His Kitchen Katanas – fashioned after a type of Japanese sword – look like sleek salad tongs, but with knife-sharp edges for cooking.
Miriam TobiasLoopy DollsMiriam’s Blog: http://adventureswithmimi.blogspot.com Miriam’s Etsy store: http://www.loopydolls.etsy.com Le Petit Bebe 

Jason Roberson

Builder Beast

Jason’s Blog: http://jasonroberson.blogspot.com 

Jason’s Etsy store: http://www.builderbeast.etsy.com 


– Kate and Val

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