Locally Grown Baby Clothes from oliver.handmade to Kath Eats via Redbud

We gave our neighbors, Kath and Matt, a little “Locally Made” onesie from oliver.handmade by Erin Moore.  Kath is 29 weeks pregnant!

Kath also has an amazing blog about food, life, and beauty.  It’s a famous blog, actually, so you may already know of it: Kath Eats Real Food.

You can read Kath’s blog post about the onesie here.

Erin Moore was my son’s teacher, so now we’ve known her through two pregnancies, teaching, not teaching, and teaching again (or in Montessori lingo, that’s “Guiding, not guiding and guiding again.”).  And what did she do with her “time off” (ha!) to have babies?  She started a line of hand-stitched baby clothes.  Delightful, organic, fresh and local!

– Kate


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