Journey Leaves Necklaces – Found and Kept

Samantha Pagni just moved to Charlottesville.  She is a teacher.  A mother.  A chic chick.  An Artist.

Her design company, aptly named Found and Kept, uses found objects, old journal entries, books, and an artist’s eye to create jewelry that seems both ancient and completely fresh.

These Journey Leaves Necklaces were finalists in the Uncommon Goods’ Product Contest.  And they can only be found on Redbud.

Here, Sam’s daughter interviews her mother about her art and her life.

Mine is in Amber.  I love the way the leaves rustle and the Silver Wire lays gently around my neck.

Journey Leaves Necklace in Amber

Journey Leaves Necklace in Mint

Journey Leaves Necklace in Pomegranate

– Kate

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  • Shinji July 29, 2012   Reply →

    Thanks for your post, cute pic of you and baby girl. I like the necklaces would like to order a simialr look from her. Do you happen to know what the length of your necklaces are? I know they offer a few different lengths for each necklace. Have a great day!Theresa

    • Kate July 31, 2012   Reply →

      Hi Theresa,

      The necklaces are 18″.

      You can buy them at:

      Thank you,


    • Zafara October 10, 2012   Reply →

      I LOVE these necklaces… I have actlulay ordered three of them! (Crazy, I know… I ordered two and then the Glitter Guide one came out and I had to have that too.) Can’t wait for them to come!

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