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Vows, toasts, and speeches for special occasions

Bespoken offers tailor-made speeches and speech coaching for all of life’s occasions, from weddings to memorials, and everything in-between.

So just a heads-up — if you are approaching a milestone moment — a birthday or graduation, a celebration or remembrance — we’re here to help you.

We work with you to craft a speech with your voice, your humor, your stories, your unique expression.  Mary writes, Kate coaches, you shine.

be true, sweet, and funny

be valedictory or benedictory

be trothed or be freed

be you


Mary Esselman

Mary is a writer, editor, and teacher. The author of three “literary therapy” anthologies, including the best-selling The Hell with Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart, she is working on a new book, How Did This Happen?: Great Poems to Help You Age, to be released in spring 2017 (Grand Central Publishing). A former correspondent for Peoplemagazine, Mary has written for a wide range of print and online publications; she has also written and produced for public television. Mary has taught literature and writing at Georgetown University, American University, and the University of Virginia, and she currently coaches emerging writers on book proposal and query-letter writing.



Kate Bennis

I work with anyone who speaks, speaks out, shares their views, walks on a stage, walks to the front of a classroom or stands tall at a celebration, ritual, protest, or service.  My job is simply to help you be your best self, speak in your own voice, and say what is most important for you to share.  Clients include business leaders (AOL, Deloitte and Touche, Amex), public leaders (The Federal Reserve Bank, The CIA), higher education (Harvard Business School, Columbia University Business School, University College London), and include Artistic Directors, Commencement Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Executive Directors and in my role as the Lead Coach for the Charlottesville TEDx, many TED Talk speakers.